About Me

I would like to take you on a trip with me.

I am about to embark on one of the biggest journeys of my lifetime. I have been addicted to sex since the first time it happened. This is something that I am not, nor have ever been, ashamed of. I have embraced it from the beginning and used it to help shape my acceptance of worldviews and personal development (more on all of that as we venture together).

As you can imagine, my love of sexuality and my free-spirited nature has caused a good deal of turmoil in my personal life throughout the years. I have experienced the unraveling of significant relationships and marriages. I ultimately accepted the possibility that I may be one of those people who go through life without finding that person they can love and grow old with.

Over the last year and a half, I have grown closer to a dear friend/partner. He openly accepts my flaws and unique personality, as I do his. I view him as my best friend and the person who compliments all that I am. I have grown to love him unconditionally. I have never experienced this kind of love in my life. My overwhelming feeling of unconditional love and a genuine desire to do right by him has given me the strength and ambition to begin the journey of overcoming a destructive vice/addiction that is engrained into every aspect of my life.

I realize this will be the hardest journey I have ever taken. There will be a good deal of self-reflection, realization, and frustration. However, there will also be growth, openness, and reward. I am hoping that you will take this trip with me and share your thoughts, opinions, questions, and/or encouragement.

What can you expect from me?

You can expect to see my thoughts, realizations, experiences, and struggles in their rawest form. You can expect writings that provide background of how I ended up here and the roads I have taken to do so. Finally, you will see lyrics and how they affect me. Music is a dependency of mine – it can get me through anything. I am sure it will be a staple in this and should be shared in my process.

By no means do I expect this to be quick or easy. I expect that this will be a lifelong discovery but the hardest part is always the first step.



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